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“TheChairsGuide” staff writer Stephen Brown has been working out of her home office for over 10 years, constantly writing about furniture and home products for sites such as Medium, Quora, and Market Watch. During that time, Mrs. Brown has researched and tested all sorts of chairs like office, gaming, dining chairs, and a lot more, including exercise-ball chairs and standing desks.

“TheChairsGuide” head editor Joshua Smith spent eight years writing about technology and Chairs. He has a home office and a gaming room, complete with an office chair and gaming chair, for over 9 years. And he has spent hundreds of hours on both chairs. To help us find out the best viewpoint to ergonomics, we’ve interviewed many chair experts over the years.

The Chairs Guide is a team of professionals (chair lovers, gamers, health enthusiasts) who will guide you about the best chairs, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time doing product research. 

We’re a group of nerds who love chairs too much and spends more than half of the day on them. We thoroughly read, research, and test for hundred of hours for the best chairs in each category mentioned that seems related. We present it to you in our buying guides with reviews and comparison tables for a smooth and quick decision-making process.

We do our testing of different chairs while, on the other hand, focus on what other buyers are speaking as well. Usually, this process takes us a hundred hours just to do proper research.

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